about dgprasetya

dgprasetya.com, my part time as System Administrator. I'm 29 years old and I have 6 years experience as GNU/LINUX System Adminstrator. I am well acquainted with the operating system of Unix variants like GNU/Linux, Freebsd, and Solaris are the basic implementation in the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Also familiar with several application servers such as DNS, web server, mail server, monitoring server, database server, bandwidth manager, network file system, network attached storage, load balancing, HA, and some firewall routers such as Fortigate, and some basic programming. As well as other general knowledge, including the Telecommunications and Information Technology. The most important ability of mine is in the field of operating systems and computer networks.

please feel free contact me if you need a Shared, VPS, Dedicated or Colo Hosting. read "Frequently Ask Question" (FAQ) first please.

Arbor Network dan Tilera, fitur plus dgprasetya.com.